Climate Change and AdvocacyClimate Change and Advocacy

Climate Change and Advocacy

Climate change is increasingly affecting everything in Ghana and Africa and poses a significant threat to our vision of a world of hope and social justice where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. That is why AiG must do all it can to ensure that all its actions are part of an urgent, effective and equitable response to climate change.

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Biodiversity Conservation &  ResearchBiodiversity Conservation &  Research

Biodiversity Conservation & Research

AiG works with an active local network and community-based environmental groups that can help raise environmental awareness, conduct environmental education, engage in environmental advocacy and serve as a local environmental watchdog. AiG maintains a long-term vision of the advancement of the environment and natural resources.

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Policy Dialogue and AdvocacyPolicy Dialogue and Advocacy

Policy Dialogue and Advocacy

AiG assist partners and local communities to have a deeper understanding of what policy analysis, networking and lobbying entail. We help local leaders to develop strategic capacities and new competencies as analysts, reform advocates and change agents. We equip local groups and communities with skills and capabilities in mobilizing voluntary…

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Indigenous Community DevelopmentIndigenous Community Development

Indigenous Community Development

AiG is committed to helping build stronger indigenous communities as well as developing and supporting projects that alleviate poverty in rural communities by improving the sustainable management of natural resources, increase rural production and productivity and strengthen community groups to help design their own long-term initiatives and strategies.

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Food Security & Women Empowerment Food Security & Women Empowerment

Food Security & Women Empowerment

The ability of an area to satisfy its food needs with locally grown food has a high potential to improve health, protect the environment, enhance local economies and create employment opportunities for all.  With this concept in mind, AiG is committed to developing and supporting self-sustaining projects.

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Sustainable Agriculture TechnologiesSustainable Agriculture Technologies

Sustainable Agriculture Technologies

AiG believes in promoting sustainable agricultural technologies by working in partnership with national authorities, NGOs, CBOs and target farmer groups in climate vulnerability hotspots in Ghana. Our strategic and sustainable interventions are based on farmers’ knowledge and skills, their innovation based on local conditions and their use of nature’s…

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Capacity building & LeadershipCapacity building & Leadership

Capacity building & Leadership

One of the core mandates of AiG is to create environmental leadership opportunities and support the development of youth and local capacity in Ghana to respond to environmental issues through environmental education, training activities and the positive spirit of volunteerism. We work by sharing expertize and strengthening other community-based…

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Agrointroductions Ghana brings together people and diverse skills needed to build local’s capacity to promote the healthy environmental lifestyle and; adapt to/mitigate climate change in vulnerable communities of Ghana through sound science, ecological research, improved agroforestry practices, strategic local and/or cultural initiatives and good local governance.

We believe that economic growth should not be a goal in itself, but should be considered as part of sustainability policies based on the rational use of natural resources.

Agrointroductions Ghana (AiG) is a duly registered not-for-profit, non-governmental environmental organization established in 2014 with national scope and currently have our projects ongoing in Ashanti, Bono East, Northern, Upper West and Western regions.

We employ community participation as an approach to assisting deprived communities of key natural resource hotspots in Ghana in creating economic opportunities that result in improved wildlife and habitat management, and wealthier-healthier communities with special attention to youth groups and women.

We work with stakeholders to ensure that best practices are followed in the exploitation and utilisation of natural resources.

Our Vision

To create economic and environmental benefits for investors and local communities while strengthening the social and environmental resilience of land use systems and ensuring biodiversity conservation.

Our Mission

To empower vulnerable communities in Ghana to lead in biodiversity conservation through ecological friendly agricultural practices, climate change adaptation/mitigation and managing natural resources whilst improving the livelihoods of their regions.


Climate Change and Advocacy
Sustainable Agriculture and Agriculture Technologies
Biodiversity Conservation, Research and Education
Indigenous Community Development and Poverty Alleviation
Capacity building and Environmental Leadership
Policy Dialogue and Advocacy
Our key activities include


Team Image

Hamza Abdullah is the executive director for Agro-introductions Ghana He is currently completing a Master degree in climate change…

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Abdullah Hamza

Executive Director

Team Image

Stephen has over 7 years training and working experience in nature conservation, community natural resource management, bio-cultural…

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Stephen Ofori

Vice President

Team Image

Anthony holds a degree in Natural Resources Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST and…

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Anthony Danquah

Operations Director

Team Image

Suhuyini Sayibu Solahudeen

Financial Controller

Team Image

Trudy is an eco-conscious and a conservation inclined lady specializing in natural resource management and climate change issues.

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Trudy Emily Neequaye

Projects Coordinator, Southern Zone

Team Image

Abdulai Yakubu

Projects Coordinator, Northern Zone

Team Image

Priscilla is a proud recipient of the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship, UBC Go Global Award and the Queen Elizabeth II…

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Priscilla Boadi

Research Lead

Team Image

Chris is Web Developer and natural resources fanatic. Experienced start-up worker ready for exploits. HTML5, CSS, C#, JavaScript, WordPress…

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Christian Agbalekpor

IT/Communications Director


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